Favorite Healthy Aldi Finds.

Today I'm happy to be sharing my favorite finds at one of my favorite stores - ALDI!
While Aldi is definitely no-frills shopping, and I don't buy all of our groceries there, it's such a great stop for many of our healthy essentials. While we don't eat everything organic, Aldi makes it easy to keep the percentage pretty high.

Below are my favorite finds from our local Aldi (and no this post isn't sponsored because I only have a handful of actual readers LOL):

Dairy and Almond Milk

Organic whole for Maggie, Half & Half for Andrew, and Unsweetened Almond for me. At least 30% cheaper than the "regular" grocery store! I buy milk by the case here.

Sprouted breads and wraps! Also a wide variety of gluten-free offerings.

Fun specialty olives, cheeses, and nitrate-free meats for appetizers and lunches.

Organic apple cider vinegar for $2! 

We use apple cider vinegar often, especially in salad dressings, drinks...and face masks!

"Healthier" chocolate.

It's been said that chocolate with 85% or higher cocoa is healthier than the rest. I love this brand!

Nut butters and spreads.

Their almond butter is delicious and so reasonably priced. My husband, a honey connoisseur, is a fan of their raw honey.

Nuts and more nuts!

We love all of their mixed nuts and dried fruits for snacking or topping salads. Maggie also loves their organic fruit leather (while Mama loves the price!)

Guilt-Free Crunchy Snacks.

Including these pea crisps which I have to hide from the rest of my house if I want any. (They run about $1 per bag!)

My ALL-time favorite are the sweet potato chips! 

They're Whole 30 approved and utterly addictive.

We've enjoyed all of their salsas, with this being our favorite. 

It has all whole ingredients and no added sugar.

Organic spices!

These are normally $5-$8 at other stores. At Aldi, they're $2! Also, conventional spices are $1. They don't have every spice, but we love the ones they do carry and use them often.

Seeds and more nuts!

Chia, flax, and hemp seeds all for different smoothies and salads - yea!

(Also, not pictured, their prices for whole grain brown rice and quinoa are wonderful!)

Another all-time staple: coconut oil! 

There is NO where cheaper for the quality. We use coconut oil for a LOT, from smoothies, sautees, face wash, and baby's bottom. We love this stuff!

Speaking of baby's bottoms, I can vouch for almost the entire "Little Journey" line.

Maggie loves their puffs, pouches, and (in a pinch) their diapers and wipes. They also sell formula for what seems to be a quality price.

Canned goods!

Aldi is my favorite place to buy canned items for soups. stews, and sauces. They all taste delicious.

And lastly, regular and organic produce (squeal!).

I'll be honest and say there are certain things that are not good from our store's selection (regular cucumbers, regular bananas, strawberries and sweet potatoes)

However, whenever at Aldi I always stock up on avocados, whole carrots, cilantro, green onion, brussel sprouts, organic bananas, mini peppers, organic apples, salad blends, spinach, and seasonal fruit (often pineapple and melons). The prices cannot be beat.

What about you? Are you an Aldi shopper? What are your favorite finds?

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