Podcast Episode 1: Perpetually Peckish.

 I am excited to publish our very first podcast! In this first episode, I interview my wonderful friend Meredith from Perpetually Peckish.

Over coffee and laughter, Meredith shares her journey to reclaim her health. She also provides encouragement and tips for those looking to make healthier choices for their own personal health and wellness. I hope to have more episodes with Mere, as she is such a TREAT to talk with - hilarious and uplifting! She is a wonderful friend, "big sister" to many, a phenomenal cook - and she truly brings an amazing energy to any space she inhabits. :) 

MM's Dairy-Free (FROTHY and delicious!) coffee. (Linked here)

In this "interview", we discuss several books, recipes, and other resources (all listed in this handy post). Check out Meredith's blog to read the specific details and follow along on her blog and Instagram for daily tips. It's truly so helpful. 

MM can take smoothies to NEW levels. Hers are truly delicious and full of nutrients. (Link)

The podcast is only around thirty minutes. We talk about many superfoods I first learned about through Mer like matcha, bulletproof coffee, and other paleo recipes. Feel free to listen below, or on Spotify and iTunes! As a note, there is one "blip/pause" a few minutes in, and I'm still learning to edit those. :)

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