Fun, Frugal Summer Tips for Families.

Although we've been celebrating summer since May, we officially welcomed it last week with lots of sunshine and fun.

A Nonexpert Opinion: Healthy Eating on a Budget.

I recently posed a question on Instagram, "Is anyone interested in how we eat 'healthy' on a budget?" The response was overwhelming!

I'd love to share some of my methods for saving money on healthier foods and meals. As always, this is what is specifically working for my family at the moment, and is subject to change. This comes from a place of encouragement and never a place of "shoulding".

Mission Trip Tips.

On this day a few years ago, I was gearing up to go on my first international mission trip.

My Favorite (& Free!) Resources for Working Military Spouses.

Being sworn in to my third bar ten minutes before we all had to go to work
It's always an adventure!

I feel so fortunate to be a military spouse. Military life can be a great life. I've been given the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, travel and experience new places, and create and sustain life-long friendships that transcend literally all over the world.